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author signs her first book- Unreasonable dream

Updated: May 5, 2021

As any parents will tell you it is when you bring the baby home, the real works begins. For most of us it is the most important that job we will have, to nurture, lovingly raise a child to be independent, grounded, centered contributor to society. Signing my first book for a friend, I became present a new journey has begun. A sense of responsibility,excitement and pride washed over me. My second favorite daughter is finally here! The real work has begun to get WAWW out in the world. My unreasonable dream is to have the book in the hands of 1 million women and have them MOVED, TOUCHED and INSPIRED. Yup! that is what I said. So village let's get to it. Please purchase a book, or two on Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, Kindle. Please leave a review. It will help with ranking.Take a picture with the book, send to me and post it on you social media. Personalized copies of the book are available for purchase on my website.

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