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Dr. Marie Nazon

Educator | Author | Philanthropist

Who Is Dr. Marie?

Marie C. Nazon, PhD, LMSW, is a social worker with over twenty-five years of clinical experience in mental health.


She is a member of the counseling faculty at the City College of New York SEEK program and a practicing psychotherapist. A Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and former Fulbright Scholar in Senegal, Dr. Nazon is passionate about women’s empowerment and has co-founded and led women’s support circles in Africa and in New York. Grounded in indigenous spiritual wisdom, she is a Mambo, an initiated priestess in Haitian Vodou, and an Iyanifa, an initiated priestess in the Yoruba spiritual tradition of Ifa.

She is also a graduate of ALisa Starkweather’s Priestess Path Apprenticeship, Generation 14, and Priestess Practicum of Triple Spiral Dún na Sidhe, a pagan spiritual community.


She is a member of the Kunsi Keya Tamacoke’s Lakota Sweat Lodge, Women’s Sundance community for over 25 years and a student of O Kalama Ho’omana Hawaiian spirituality. As a clinician/healer and Reiki Master, she believes in the magnificent capability of the human body and mind to heal itself.


Marie lives in the village of Harlem, New York with her family and four leggeds, Jazz the cat and dog, Rumi.


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