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Marie Nazon’s treasure trove of women’s voices from all over the globe is – at last - the answer to Sigmund Freud’s famous question:
“What does a woman want?”
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to support organizations affiliated with women and girls empowerment and supporting the environment.

About the book

What A Woman Wants...

Inspired by a creative writing prompt, Nazon asked this simple question to over one hundred women of different ages, cultures, ethnic and racial backgrounds and socio-economic status spanning four continents.


Their responses are powerful and brilliant, funny and profound.


Women’s power, wisdom, and longing for meaningful connection radiate in their reflections on relationships and intimacy, equity, spirituality, sisterhood, and more.


In “What A Woman Wants...” Nazon has compiled a sublime montage that takes the reader on a thrilling exploration of women’s innermost thoughts and desires.


Personalized Autographed Book


Thank you to everyone who contributed!

Sherley Accime/Zanetta Addams-Pilgrim/Lise Afoy /Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith,PhD/Grace Aldrich/ Jennifer Atlee/ Myriam Augustin /Aviva B./Amy Bauman/Elana Bell/Pascale Bernard/Stephanie Berry/ Teagan Blackburn/ Emily Blefeld/Amy Boyd/Celia Bracy/Ginny Brooke/ Victoria Brosnan/Kisha T. Bundrige/Robin G. Burdulis/ JLC/Annie Chang/Joan Checca/Katie Maguire Chiaravolloti/Colleen Gorman/Kate C./Kerry Colville/Laura Lula Delano/Malinda DeMercurio/Julissa Dilone/Olivia Drouhaut

Shénae Dure/Netlyn Bernard/ AF/Rhea Faniel/ A.C./Kat Gibson/ Marsha Gildin/Leandra J/Asia Jean/Jill A/Gena Jefferson/ Katrina Jeffries/Margaret Harris/Heartsmind/ Tracey Hebert-Seck/Tracy Hobson/Alicia Holmes/Queen Italina/Zenzele Isoke/ILOV GRATE


Stephanie Kane/Lisa Kirsch/Anna Kramer/Carolina Kroon/Melanie L./Monique Lang/Jodi Lasseter/ Connie Leeper/Lyris/Beverly Little Thunder/Iris Lopez/Magdalena Lopez/Tracy Louis/Kara Lynch/Julie MacDonald/Elena Mansour/Hilda Marie/Gina Martin/ Esperanza Martell/Dr. McKenzie/ Bailey Carter Moulse/Brinda Nazon/Deborah Nazon/Sylvia Nazon/Ébun Nazon-Power/Cosette Nazon-Wilburn/Taylor Nazon/ Yanick Nazon/Tiffany Nelson


Makhosi 'Gogo Ateyo' Nkanyezi/Shawnteeha Patterson/Dr. R.L. Perez/Marcela Petric/Doris Prester/Merelis Catalina Ortiz/ Kim Roberts/Flash Rosenberg/ Kyesha Ruffin/Katie S./Irijah Stennett/Akasha S./ Nonty Sabic/ Carol Smith/Lynette Smith/Tej Rae/ALisa Starkweather/ Stacey Toro/ Mother Turtle/ Lanita Summerlin/ Dyan Summers/Rosita Timm/Catrina Toole/Vanessa Tricoche/ Maelinda Turner/Donna Wilding/Karen Wadsworth/Susan E. Wilcox/Zoe Williams/Dina Wolleben/Nariya Worrell/Lona Jack-Vilmar/Marian Zeitlin

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